Future Meetings

Thursday 5.26.2016


All Illinois Sports Facilities Authority board, construction and finance meetings are open to the public. If you are planning on attending a scheduled meeting at the Authority offices, the address is U.S. Cellular Field, 333 West 35th Street, Chicago, IL. When entering, you will be required to go through a security metal detector and then will be directed to the security desk to sign in and receive a pass to get to the ISFA board room to attend the meeting. If any of these scheduled meetings are held at a location other than the Authority offices, that information will be posted on the website along with parking information and security measures for the building in which the meeting is being held.

Past Meeting and Agendas

Board Meeting 2.9.2016 Agenda Resolution

Board Meeting 12.8.2015 Agenda Resolutions

Board Meeting 9.30.2015 Agenda Resolutions

Board Meeting 5.27.2015 Agenda

Board Meeting 3.12.2015 Agenda Resolution

Board Meeting 12.8.2014 Agenda Resolutions

Board Meeting 5.28.2014 Agenda Resolutions/Ordinance

Audit, Finance and Investment Committee Meeting 5.2.2014 Agenda

Special Board Meeting 5.2.2014 Agenda Resolutions

Board Meeting 2.27.2014 Agenda

Board Meeting 12.10.2013 Agenda Resolution

Board Meeting 9.24.2013 Agenda  Resolution

Construction Committee 9.17.2013 Agenda

Audit, Finance & Investment Committee Meeting 8.20.2013 Agenda

Board Meeting 12.12.2012 Agenda

Audit, Finance & Investment Committee Meeting 1.16.2013 Agenda

Construction Committee 2.11.2013 Agenda

Board Meeting 2.19.2013 Agenda

Board Meeting 3.12.2013 Agenda

Construction Committee 5.13.2013 Agenda

Special Board Meeting 5.21.2013 Agenda

Audit, Finance & Investment Committee Meeting 6.6.2013 Agenda